Godhum Farm Fresh Atta, 5kg
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1kg x 5
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Product Specification

Total Fat1.95 gm
Carbohydrate75.57 gm

Product Description

OW IS WHOLE WHEAT ATTA PROCESSEDWheat grain with its bran, germ and endosperm is ground in a single pass-through, retaining its rich wheat germ oil and other essential natural nutrients. Nothing is taken away or added in. This is the purest way of consuming the complete nutritive value of each wheat grain.WHY SHOULD WHOLE WHEAT ATTA BE PART OF YOUR DIETWhole wheat contains the germ and bran along with the endosspem of a grain. Germ has most of the wheat grains nutritions; Sourcing essential fats,vitamins and antioxidants.The bran has fibers, minerals, proteins and vitamins essential for immunity against a wide range of diseases and also tackles obesity.